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Edie Persin posted on 6/10/19
I have known Milton for almost 40 years. He became my father-in-law 32 years ago. My memories of him are multiple. From his heartfelt smile and gentle nature, to his infinite love for his wife and family. However, it was his musical talents that have had the most impact on my life. He formed a band, when his children were young. They all had genetic musical talent. But only one of his children continued the husband. Through the years, Dad and Ken shared this bond. Playing music together at family gatherings and the like, Milts' love of music has been passed on. There is a song that has always reflected my feelings about Dad-"Leader of the Band" by Dan Fogelberg. The lyrics tell a story of a man whose father was a musician. A true and touching story of the love between a father and son. The circle of life continues through Milts' grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They are the "living legacies" to the Leader of the Band. May God Bless this phenomenal man.

Christina Forst Bushnoe posted on 6/10/19
Grandpa Milt was a wonderful man. He was the grandfather of my two first cousins, with whom my sister and I grew up playing all the time. We therefore spent many a play date and holiday with Grandpa Milt and Grandma Bernice, along with the extended Persin family. I remember many Easters, Christmas Eves, and other family occasions filled with love, laughter, wonderful food and of course, piano music (see photo). Grandpa Milt always had a smile, an infectious hearty laugh and a twinkle in his eye. He was very kind-hearted. He truly was the patriarch of his family and so well respected by everyone who knew him. He will be greatly missed! My deepest condolences to my Uncle Bob, Aunt Nancy, and cousins, Jaclyn and Renee and their families, along with the entire Persin family. The Forsts, Bushnoes and Gonsiors are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.

Jaclyn Buckreis posted on 6/9/19
My grandpa was not only the head of our family, but a mentor to me. In the early days, he let me help him “work” in his home office. I was set up with a typewriter, paper, pens, and all the supplies I’d need to succeed. In the background was the beautiful music of Tchaikovsky and Strauss. I witnessed and copied his organizational expertise and loved hanging out with him. Then we’d sit at the piano downstairs, his hands reaching over me and playing chopsticks or any of the other hundreds of songs he knew by ear. He helped me get my first job at the Berwyn City Hall making up garage sale passes and filing paperwork. I always thought he was famous because he'd always be in the Berwyn newspaper! Everyone loved him and knew he was a man of very high integrity. In the later years, we emailed and discussed many topics. I loved to pick his brain on religion, life philosophy, and stories from his past. I have no doubt that he was secure in his faith. I’m so glad that I thanked him for all he’d done for me and our whole family. I told him my hopes and dreams for the future. He knows that his family and friends loved him very much and that we will keep his memory alive, as well as all our other loved ones who have passed on. Thank you Grandpa, you created an amazing family and we will never forget you!